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TRIO System

Tri-amplified subwoofers and passive high efficiency satellites

We succeeded in making compact satellites with a pressure level and a sound quality that are normally possible only with much bigger products!!! 

When listening to Stage Pro 65, Stage Pro 8 and Stage Pro 10 it is really difficult to believe that such a big sound comes from those small cabinets.

The speakers of the Stage Pro Line are the compendium of our speaker manufacturer experience and are especially  designed for those who expect first of all the acoustic quality and a sound precision: a quality that keeps stable also when you increase the volume.

The combination of Stage Pro 65, 8 and 10 satellites with Stage Pro W12 and W15

Tri-active cabinet subwoofers creates high quality sound systems of very big impact with very small dimensions. The standard Stage Pro Kits in our catalogue are just a few suggested solutions as the good quality of every component offer many other possibilities of personalized configurations.

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