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Live Pro

Active enclosures

We have designed the Live pro Series with the goal of making a reference line with the best balance between a superior acoustic performance and a pleasant listening also when you play it loud.

The final result of a product depends to the coherence between the different components and the production methods; the lower level of one of these aspects will decide the quality level of the whole product.

In the Live Pro, it is the high level of all components and design that grants the exceptional sound quality and reliability.

  • -         The complex body design with shell reinforcements combined with the
  •  gas-moulding technology eliminate all vibrations and provide wooden like sound.
  • -         The double amplification (H class for the woofer) and the high efficiency of the speakers provide a powerful and crystal clear audio performance.
  • -         The double reflex ports increase and optimize the low-frequency reproduction.
  • -         The full horizontal layout of the amplifier board prevents every risk of vibration damages.
  • -         All controls are protected against accidental shocks.
  • -         The strong packaging protects the product during transport.    


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