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Acoustic guitar amplifiers

A few months after its introduction, Impact AG amplifiers series is now an important project.
A lot of guitar players have tested the different models and their feedback is of total appreciation.
In addition to the functional variants (different powers and different input sections) we are now happy to introduce for some models also a different looking version of particularly interesting aesthetic effect. The new series "F" (Fashion) stands out for its elegant and refined look into all the details.
The challenge was to offer an innovative product and our long experience in manufacturing speaker allowed us to achieve the goal: so to get from the combination between amplifier and speaker the sound that every gutar player wouldlike his audience to hear: a detailed and precise sound but never harsh and sharp.
Of course, the products of our IMPACT AG line are not just guitar amplifiers but real "Music stations" with many inputs, endless possibilities of sound processing and extended response well beyond the limit of hearing...
Then, just a suggestion: listen and let your public listen...ENJOY IT!
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